Today in the 31-Day Challenge we read…

“Now while Paul was waiting for them at Athens, his spirit was provoked within him as he saw that the city was full of idols. So he reasoned in the synagogue with the Jews and the devout persons, and in the marketplace every day with those who happened to be there.” –  Acts 17:16-17

Are you prepared, like the apostle Paul was, to reasonably present your faith in the marketplace?  For some this can seem like an overwhelming task, but it is not in light of some of the topics we’ve already considered in the 31 day challenge. You know God’s story, and your story. You’re aware of some of the conventional wisdom (lies) as well as how you can replace them with biblical truths. You’ve identified redemptive tensions, both challenging and affirming. Now it’s time to bring them all together into a “personal vocational testimony” … articulating how the Gospel is Good News for the specific vocation you are in. God’s story should bring hope to your workplace and address some of its greatest concerns. Are you ready to be part of that?

Your challenge for today is to review the PDF file called Personal Vocational Testimony (click link) and walk through the steps listed. It’s not a “one and done” exercise, but rather a simple framework to think about the process regardless of what specific situations God places you in.

Follow Through

Here are some further resources, tools, and blog posts to help you tackle today’s Challenge more effectively.