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Today in the 31-Day Challenge we read…

“Living for the purposes and glory of God does not speak primarily to your vocation in life; it speaks to your motivation.”  – Andrew Scott, “Scatter: Go Therefore and Take Your Job With You”

Has God made you for church on Sundays or for every day? Has he made you to stay rooted in a window box, being fed and watered and nurtured, or are you seed to be scattered by the Sower? In his book Scatter, Andrew Scott reminds us of what God has made us for and the deep significance that comes through manifesting God’s glory and making Him known through our everyday vocations. Today there are millions of people ready, willing, and able to travel to the ends of the earth. Are you one of them? Will you intentionally bring Jesus with you through your occupation? Will you scatter?


The Day 27 Challenge is to read the following quotes from Andrew Scott’s book Scatter: Go Therefore and Take Your Job With You. Click here for the book’s website. Prayerfully seek what is God saying to you through them and identify one specific action you will take in response to that.

“If every follower of Jesus lived their life out for His glory, every sector of society would be impacted.”

“We have failed to see God’s big picture because we have been so focused on our piece.”

“We are not called to the purposes of God, we are made for them.”

“Don’t just sit around wondering if you are ready. How can you ever be ready for a fiery furnace or a den of lions?”

“Could we see a time when nations and rulers of the world will be influenced and changed through a generation of Jesus followers who have scattered throughout the world into every marketplace, community, and neighborhood, living out who God has created them to be with excellence so that God’s glory is declared in all the earth?”

“If only 0.01% of these [American millennials] were followers of Jesus taking a job among the unreached nations and intentionally living out their faith within the marketplace, we would more than double the number of Americans focused on sharing the Gospel with those who have never heard.”

Follow Through

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