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If we are to see communities and lives transformed through the power of the Gospel by Christians utilizing their vocations as an expression of the Great Commission, an army of disciples must be raised up who have intentionally integrated all aspects of their faith and practice, their occupation and every other dimension of their lives being natural outlets of ministry. Such people are able to connect their occupation and life mission, allowing the truth of God to flow into every arena of life, but are also capable of reproducing that ability into others … disciples who make disciples (2 Timothy 2:2).

This is where the Antioch Journey Assessment comes in. The Antioch Journey Assessment provides a comprehensive set of tools, training, and coaching opportunities designed to identify, assess, and equip workers for fruitful Christ-centered service expressed through their occupations.

Based on the collective field experience of a team of collaborators, a set of competency categories has been identified upon which one can be assessed. Each category is further subdivided in order to develop a fuller picture of what is needed to be fruitful. For each competency, there is a corresponding assessment, the results of which lead to a customized development plan individually tailored for each person’s anticipated role and objective. The development plan can then be fulfilled with training options and follow-up coaching.


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