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Today in the 31-Day Challenge, We read…

“Now I’m alert to God’s ways; I don’t take God for granted. Every day I review the ways he works; I try not to miss a trick.” – Psalm18:21-22 (MSG)

In order to prepare for the things God has in store for us or to make sure we’re still on track, it’s wise to “hit the pause button” from time to time. Use that break to assess where you are and where God wants you to be. Good assessment requires honest, open evaluation and a willingness to do whatever it takes once a gap is identified. Do you take time to reevaluate, refocus, realign, and retool in order to be more fruitful for the Kingdom? Assessment is a key part of that process.

Today’s challenge is to assess what you have learned so far through the Antioch Journey and which areas you should focus on next. Make a list of the topics covered in the first 29 days. Ask yourself where you are and where God wants you to be for each area. Ask God to show you the five most important areas for you to focus on right now. For each of the five focus areas, write down one or two specific steps you will take to move one step further down the road.

Optional Homework: As you explore your role in fulfilling the Great Commission through your vocation, consider taking the Antioch Journey Assessment. By looking at four primary dimensions of life needed for fruitful marketplace ministry, the assessment helps develop a clear snapshot of where you are and where you need to be for a given role that you are called to.