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The Antioch Journey was inspired by the New Testament church in Antioch. Not content with merely growing and blessing themselves, the leaders of the Antioch church sought out men like Paul and Barnabas, investing in them with the intention of launching them out as ambassadors for God’s Kingdom.

That is the heart behind the Antioch Journey 31-day Challenge.  It was designed to help people connect their occupation and the Great Commission to make disciples in every vocation. Over the next 31 days, you will have the opportunity to read a brief thought each day paired with a simple challenge or action step. There will also be some optional “homework” along the way as well as a pool of blog entries that can help you go even deeper.

It is our prayer that you will be inspired, informed, challenged, and equipped by walking this journey with us. If you are ready, we invite you to take the Antioch Journey.