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Worry Or Worship

By October 26, 2019April 12th, 2021Day 21

I recently came across an entry in a reading plan on the You Version Bible app called “Living Changed: Spiritual Warfare”. Day 3 talks about how vital worship is for our response to spiritual warfare. “The act of praising God helps us combat the lies of the enemy and shut out that inner dialogue telling us we’re not enough. It’s impossible to focus on His goodness, faithfulness, power, and might while also feeling weak, worried, afraid, or alone.” It goes on to say that, “Worship is simply showing gratitude to God for who He is and what He’s done. And it’s a powerful weapon against the enemy.” It concludes with this: “When we worship, our whole focus is on God. It’s the best way to block out the lies of the enemy because in a state of worship, we remember who God is, what He brought us out of, and how He can be trusted to do it again.”

What are you facing at work, at home, or in your personal life? Is the Enemy using worry to attack or distract you? Worship, even if you don’t feel like it, and God will do something amazing.


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