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7 Ways to Integrate

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I recently read a blog article by Jo Plummer at (a great resource for anyone interested in the faith and work universe).  The post, which describes ‘7 Creative Ways that Practitioners Integrate Business and Mission’, is aimed at people seeking to intentionally integrate mission with business in practical ways. The key suggestions were:

  1. Keep Purpose Front and Center – keeping the purpose, vision, and objectives of the company at the forefront.
  2. Bring Prayer into the Workplace – prayer is an essential part of integrating mission and business for practitioners.
  3. Employee Training – to pass on biblical teaching and bring transformation at a worldview level.
  4. Add Salt – structure the company so there is a natural forum for Christians to have influence in the workplace.
  5. Intentionally Build Relationships – our network of business relationships (with employees, suppliers, clients. and the community) provides an ideal context to be salt and light to others.
  6. Meet Practical Needs in the Community – show the Kingdom of God in action beyond creating jobs and treating employees with dignity.

For more detail or to see how her panelists responded, check out the full text here.


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