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Stand Firm

By January 26, 2019April 16th, 2021Day 17, Day 21, Day 22, Day 23

Everyone who seeks to live a godly life and especially those who seek to glorify God through their work will face challenges. They’re inevitable. But Ephesians 6 reminds us that, at their core, the source of these struggles is spiritual. As believers, we do well to remember Paul’s words of truth. But this is not just for warriors. It is also a message for those of us who are weary.  There is no turning back.  We are to press on.

Paraphrasing his classic bible commentary, Matthew Henry notes that this passage describes the different parts of armor used in war but there is none to cover the back. Nothing to defend those who turn back in the spiritual battle. Why? Because we are to press on. God equips us with truth, righteousness, readiness, resolve, faith (that’s all in and mixed with action), salvation (a defense that is clearly held and spoken), and the (rhema) word of God (an active, spoken utterance that is for today). Together these allow us to take our stand and, when all is done, to stand firm.

Are you in the midst of something that seems overwhelming? God is with you. Do you want to give up? Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Recognize the real enemy, put on your full armor, face forward, and take your stand.




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