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Smooth Sailing?

By August 26, 2018August 17th, 2021Day 17, Day 21, Day 23

I was recently reading in the Daily Encouragement devotional from You Version.  The selection focused on Acts 27 which describes the shipwreck that Paul encountered on his way to Rome.  The author made a statement that really stuck with me.  “The plans and programmes of men are subservient to the purpose of God.”  As I reflected on that and how it applies in my current situation, I heard God say two things.  First, God doesn’t guarantee we’ll have an easy voyage but He will get us to where He wants us to be.  The second point was more personal.  God said, “Seek Me.  Do your best but leave the outcome to Me.”  I can envision something like that floating through Paul’s mind as well (floating … that’s a pun).  And, just like Paul, our lives are not always smooth sailing especially as we aim to glorify God through our work.  Even so, may these words and Paul’s example be an encouragement to you today.



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