By January 1, 2018 Day 25

As we start a new year, I thought we’d kick it off by sharing with you a simple tool to help you grow as a disciple and a disciple maker. I’m borrowing this from our friends at, who borrowed it from someone else, and it goes by the acronym ?SOAPs.?

  • S ? Scripture: Choose 1 to 4 focus verses and write them out word for word.
  • O ? Own: Now paraphrase the focus verses in your own words.
  • A ? Apply: Ask God how He wants you to apply any truths in the focus verses in your life today
  • P ? Pray: Pray that the Lord will give you strength, courage and boldness to put these truths into practice today.
  • s ? Share: Share these focus verses and the lessons you?ve drawn from them with someone you meet today.

It’s easy and practical, but also deepens your time in Scripture in a great way. Why not commit to doing your SOAPs for the next 14 days, and see what God does?


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