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Renewal – One Reader’s Response

By October 24, 2016April 23rd, 2023Day 05, Day 21

One of the Antioch Journey participants sent me the following reflections after completing Day 5 – All things New. I loved their transparency, and the reality of the struggles to work these ideas out in everyday life. Let me know if you resonate with what they had to say.

“My renewal needs to be in my sinful need to be thought well of; to have a good reputation; to be quietly ambitious; and to sometimes be envious of others’ success. Yikes, not a great list, but being honest, I do – from time-to-time – sense these things in me. It hit me even this morning via an email, where a colleague was being asked to pick up a small additional item to their leadership accountabilities, and my sinful nature was immediately prompting me to wonder why I was not being asked myself. It’s a way in which I know that the enemy likes to distract me, and this time it’s prompted me to be more intentional to keep focused on the job I have, and the tasks I need to do. I know them to be tasks that are God-compelled, and so I need to rest assured in that.”


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