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Declaration of Dependence

By August 26, 2016April 23rd, 2023Day 06, Day 20, Day 21, Day 23

As the United States was preparing to celebrate Independence Day this year, I was listening to our pastor share from Luke 11:1-13, where Jesus taught His disciples how to pray. Weeks later, I’m still challenged by several statements he made. The pastor’s line of thought was something like this: Your prayer life is an indicator of your dependency on God. Your dependency on God is a primary factor in what God does in your life. Dependency, expressed through prayer and obedience, is a key ingredient in the fruitfulness of true disciples.

Does this challenge you as much as it challenges me? What would the Lord’s Prayer look like if we prayed it with the workplace in mind? How might God use a greater awareness of your dependency on Him to make you more fruitful?


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