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Skybridge Community

By July 15, 2016Day 25, Day 29

At the Antioch Journey, one of our goals is to link participants to resources and networks of like-minded people who want to serve God through their vocations.? So today, we?d like to tell you about the Skybridge Community ( Launched in 2009 as part of The Upstream Collective, and now over 1000 members strong, Skybridge has helped thousands to ?live and work globally, on purpose?. Through equipping, connecting and encouraging people who seek to integrate their work and mission, Skybridge engages workers cross culturally, whether in their home culture or living abroad. ?They function as sort of a loose, organic network with the following goals:? to awaken professionals to possibilities; connect those professionals in community; equip them to live intentionally and make disciples, and engaging the lost (from neighbors to the nations).? We?d definitely encourage you to go check them out!


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