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Penn Jillette: “Proselytizer”

By July 12, 2016April 23rd, 2023Day 17, Day 18

Today I am reminded about a video by Penn Jillette and wanted to share it with you. Jillette, an avowed atheist, explains how he viewed a person who handed him a Bible. Although Penn remained an atheist, he actually ended up respecting the ‘proselytizer’ more because his act of giving the Bible represented true care and concern. In fact he essentially adds, “If you truly believe I’m headed to a literal place called Hell, and if Hell is as bad as you say, how much do you have to hate me not to tell me about it?”

For me, the video spoke to our need for boldness, genuine care for others, intentional spiritual conversations, and urgency. As you watch this video, ask God to show you specifically what He wants you to learn from it, and what you should do in response.


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