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By July 9, 2016April 23rd, 2023Day 05

There’s a lot of talk today about man’s impact on the planet. For example, we often hear about one’s carbon footprint, the sum of all emissions of greenhouse gases induced by our activities over a period of time. But, if we thought about the biggest negative impact we have on the world around us, we’d need to steer the discussion towards our sin footprint. Ever since the Garden of Eden, man’s sin has and continues to impact God’s Creation in ways we can barely put into words. Pick an issue today – social, environmental, moral, economic, political, medical, whatever – and you will find a sin footprint buried somewhere at its root. The good news is that Christ did not just die to redeem fallen people, but to reverse all the effects of the Fall (every aspect of society, every environmental issue, everything). Jesus came to give us new life, and in the process erase our sin footprint. Plus, he invites us to join Him in this work. So, in what specific area is God asking you to make a difference, to pick up your mop and follow Him?


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