Making Disciples in

Every Vocation

The church in Antioch nurtured disciples like Paul and Barnabas not to plant them, but to scatter them into every corner of the world. Are you ready to use your God given vocation to do that too? If so, join us on the Antioch Journey.

Our Vision

To see God glorified through a global marketplace movement of disciples who make disciples in every vocation.

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| Day 21, Day 25, Day 29 | No Comments
I was recently at a huge medical missions conference and came across a great resource that I want to share with you. It's a course called Blueprint by Missional Life.…

Connecting Faith To Work

| Day 13, Day 17 | No Comments
The team at The Village Church wrote, "When we find our meaning in God alone, everything else in our lives should reflect that, including our work. This means intentionally orienting…

Does God Care?

| Day 01, Day 04, Day 09, Day 13 | No Comments
Have you ever wondered if God cares about the work we do? Does it matter in the here and now, or is He just interested in getting us to Heaven?…


| Day 21 | No Comments
Ever find yourself in a place of temptation when it's just so hard to resist? Well, you're not alone. We all struggle in different ways but there's hope. Check out…


| Day 07, Day 08, Day 25 | No Comments
Ever find yourself in need of a simple, conversational way to share the Gospel with someone? Have you tried using "the RAMP"? RAMP, a useful acronym to remember for sharing…

Worry Or Worship

| Day 21 | No Comments
I recently came across an entry in a reading plan on the You Version Bible app called "Living Changed: Spiritual Warfare". Day 3 talks about how vital worship is for…