Day 16

Redefining Work

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Have you wrestled with the question “What are the implications of how I live out my faith at work?”  Do you ever think that, without faith, your work might destroy you, bore you, corrupt you, or master you? Pastor Tim Keller address these questions and more in the sermon below.  I know it’s a bit long, but grab a cup of coffee, invest half an hour, and see how God speaks to you as Keller encourages us to Redefine Work.

The Saline Process

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If you have not yet heard of IHS Global’s Saline Process, you’ve really been missing out. This biblically-based training equips Christian healthcare workers to be witnesses for Christ in their clinical settings. Participants learn principles and tools that can immediately be applied in their interactions with patients and colleagues. Designed around a transferable Training-of-Trainers (TOT) model, the content is targeted to the medical context but is actually applicable to any vocation. If you want to find out more, check out the IHS Global website  or drop them a note.

Do you want to see how The Saline Process answered one doctor’s prayers about what to do, how to do it, and why God called him to a certain place?  Take a look at the video below.

How Faith Shapes Education & Career

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One of our aims with The Antioch Journey is to connect people with some great tools out there that can help them grow, and grow God’s Kingdom through them.

Our friends over at Eternity Bible College are doing a great job of equipping disciple-makers in every vocation.  Although the following video is sort of a “teaser” for their one-year program, the truths shared in it are relevant to all of us.  Check it out: