Day 08

Racial Reconciliation

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It seems like everywhere we turn these days, we’re confronted with the issue of racism. Whether it’s a simple conversation over coffee or a violent protest that makes headlines, racial conflict seems to be on the minds of many people. But, one question that has not really been fully addressed is this: what is my role as a Christian? Or better yet, how does the Gospel touch the issue of racial reconciliation? If we believe that the Gospel impacts every area of our lives, and every aspect of society, then surely we must give this careful consideration.

The video below was recorded by The Village Church. It is an interview with author and pastor Bryan Loritts, and it focuses on how the Gospel is the ONLY hope for racial reconciliation …. and what reconciliation means for all sides involved.

If I Tell You My Story

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Sometimes you come across a song that really expresses what you are thinking even better than words alone. The video below, by Big Daddy Weave, blends the telling of our story and God’s story in a powerful way. May you be encouraged by it, and moved to tell your story to someone today.

Light of the World

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I was recently reading a few posts over at, and came across this one from Brian Flood. As I read through it, I wondered …. you ever feel this way too?


“You are the light of the world…” There are days I sure don’t feel like that. Yet here is God declaring exactly what I don’t feel over the purpose of my life. Early in my walk with Jesus I read those words with a sense of accomplishment; “now the world gets to see how the Lord works through me.” Perspective is a powerful thing and now, when I’m not feeling so ‘light-of-the world’, I feel the weight I have placed on that statement. I, too often, do not finish the thought and see the real meaning. A lightbulb consists of several parts most of which have no purpose in themselves. Nothing the parts do can fulfill their own purpose. It’s not until power is applied that the purpose of any of them becomes apparent. Even then, the light is turned on to complete the work of another. “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” Father, give me your power to fulfill your purposes.

Redefining Work

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Have you wrestled with the question “What are the implications of how I live out my faith at work?”  Do you ever think that, without faith, your work might destroy you, bore you, corrupt you, or master you? Pastor Tim Keller address these questions and more in the sermon below.  I know it’s a bit long, but grab a cup of coffee, invest half an hour, and see how God speaks to you as Keller encourages us to Redefine Work.

Expectant, Courageous Faith

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What God desires, according to His Word, is that we have “expectant, courageous faith,” as if we could already SEE what He’s bringing about, even before it comes to pass. If we can muster that kind of faith, we will not only be very optimistic about the future, but, in addition, we’ll be excited about the present. Here’s Curtis Sergeant, trainer in launching disciple making movements, explaining what all this would mean:

Relational Stewardship

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Have you ever thought about the concept of “relational stewardship”?  One step in developing a lifestyle of Great Commission living is to consider who God has placed around us, and to see these relationships as opportunities to be a steward of everything God has given us.  How can we best care for all parts of their lives (and especially their spiritual condition)?  What direction are they heading now, how can we encourage their growth, and how might they impact the world for generations to come? The following video by Curtis Sergeant helps us think about this and more.  Enjoy.