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September 2016

A Disciple Making Novel

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A friend of mine recently told me about a book that he thought might peak the interest of Antioch Journey blog readers.  His premise was this: If we’re going to be successful at engaging the whole church in Disciple Making Movement (DMM) principles, we’ll need to be more creative than ever before. For example, might this book (which seeks to weave DMM principles into a story-line) be a “novel” approach to convey the concepts of DMM to someone who might never have encountered them otherwise?


Click the image of the book to see the listing on Amazon to learn more — or, if you prefer, copy this link and paste it into your browser:


What Kind of Character Does it Take?

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What kind of person does it take to disciple people who will want to make disciples? What kind of character does it take to stand beside them? Start with prayer. Add in care. Then pour on a thick layer of training. To help you imagine what kind of person you might need to become, and to help you imagine those you want standing beside you, watch this video by trainer, Richard Williams.

Richard Williams

Becoming a Champion

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As the 2016 Olympics were coming to a close, I was both amused and embarrassed by the Team USA swimmers who made the news not for their accomplishments in the pool, but at the gas station. The second most decorated male swimmer in American history was given an amazing platform for good, but instead it has been overshadowed by drunkenness, exaggeration, and a tarnished image. I pray this is only temporary, and that God somehow makes something good out of this.  After all, He’s in the redemption business.  But, this isn’t a rant against Ryan Lochte.  In fact, it’s a personal confession. I’m a task oriented guy, often driven by results and inspired by numbers. But as I reflected on the “Olympic scandal”, God spoke to me.  He reminded me that results are important, but so is character. So are values. Whether it’s Martha and Mary in Jesus’ day, or mission agency directors and business professionals in our day promoting fruitfulness at the expense of dealing with character issues, we can all fall into the same trap. Many cultures value achievement and success, but how does God see it?  I think God is concerned about where we go, but also how we get there. The prophet Micah summed it up this way: “He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8

The Bottom Line ?

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It’s interesting how the term “bottom line” has evolved over the years.  At first, it simply referred to the financial profitability, the final total or account balance.  But, it’s also come to be used to mean the ultimate outcome or end result.  Whether as a performance measure or a summary goal, the term itself has grown as well.  With the rise of corporate social responsibility, people started talking about a “triple bottom line”, which included people, profit, and planet (the social, economic and environmental measures of a company’s success).  This has now expanded to a “quadruple” bottom line: people, profit, planet and purpose.

In the business as mission community, I usually hear the quadruple bottom line described as the way our work positively impacts society, provides fair wages and economic opportunities for growth, stewards God’s creation, and addresses the underlying spiritual condition of the people we serve.  On one hand, I really like how this concept of a quadruple bottom line helps us to think more holistically about how the Gospel transforms people and societies, especially among the poorest of the poor and least evangelized of the world.  But, there’s something about the term that makes me uncomfortable.  You see, in practice, I’ve never met anyone who can perfectly balance all four elements and see real fruit across the board.  The desire may be there, but reality sets in and things get difficult. There are competing interests, the outcomes may stand in direct conflict with each other, and sometimes they’re even mutually exclusive.  So, while it’s good to keep all four in mind, I find that when the pressure is on usually one of the four wins out.  As a business coach, the quadruple bottom line is useful to start a conversation or help people consider areas where they may be neglecting or ignoring what is important to God. And, I really wish they could all be true at the same time. But, I find that ultimately people must decide in advance what one factor really drives them.  The bottom line is that there’s really only one bottom line.  What’s yours?

Six Intentional Rythms

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Having you been trying to become more serious about being a disciple who makes disciples, but feeling a bit overwhelmed? Well, today is your lucky day! In the video below, Caesar Kalinowski  shares six simple ways you can make disciples without adding anything new to your schedule …  a great way to change your thinking from additional to intentional.

Disciple Making Movements

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Want to learn how you can become part of the original viral social network? Our friends over at City Team have put together a great video that tells us just that. Have a look, and then ask God to show you what this would look like in the context of your workplace.

The Cultural Mandate

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Have you ever thought about why God created mankind in the first place? Although there are a number of reason, to be sure, one of them is summarized in what is often called “The Cultural Mandate”.  Centered around Genesis 1:28, the Cultural Mandate includes us being an image bearer for God, caring for creation, being a steward, and ultimately influencing every area of life on God’s behalf.  For more on the Cultural Mandate, check out this short video.