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June 2016

Created to Create

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If you are trying to envision “Work As Worship”, and what that might look like for you, check out this video from Right Now Media.  Created to Create is one person’s story of being salt and light in the fashion industry.

Relational Stewardship

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Have you ever thought about the concept of “relational stewardship”?  One step in developing a lifestyle of Great Commission living is to consider who God has placed around us, and to see these relationships as opportunities to be a steward of everything God has given us.  How can we best care for all parts of their lives (and especially their spiritual condition)?  What direction are they heading now, how can we encourage their growth, and how might they impact the world for generations to come? The following video by Curtis Sergeant helps us think about this and more.  Enjoy.

Writing your Testimony

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Need to see another example of what it sounds like to tell one’s story? Here’s another example:

Hi my name is__ , I’m from . I can still remember the pain in my heart when my wife and I learned that our baby girl due to be born in three weeks had died. It’s times like this when a person finds out if their faith has been placed in something real. I was born and raised by parents who loved Jesus and at a very young age I placed my life in His hands. As I grew up I never questioned my faith but I was often in situations when I found that Jesus did exactly what He promised. Rather than destroying my faith in Jesus the death of my daughter showed me the depth of God’s compassion and comfort. What I had learned in my Bible set me from depression, despair and bitterness. I knew that I could trust God with everything.

Throughout my life I have been blessed to help other people learn about Jesus. When someone decides to turn from believing in themselves and doing what they believe to be right to following Jesus, doing what He has commanded and trusting Jesus for their whole life I’ve seen the Kingdom of God come. I’ve seen families that were filled with anger transformed by Jesus to families filled with love. I’ve seen people who wanted to kill themselves transformed by Jesus into people who are filled with concern for others. I’ve seen people who only cared about getting rich for themselves changed by Jesus into people who find the greatest joy in loving others. Watching God heal people’s lives and filling them with joy and purpose is my greatest joy.

God continues to work in my life. I am continually amazed at God’s love, faithfulness, wisdom, power and care for me. I wonder if after hearing some of my story, you have any questions about God and your life.

Radical Obedience

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When we’re thinking about stepping out in faith, there can be many obstacles in the way.  Sometimes God’s calls us to do things that require radical obedience. In this video by Curtis Sergeant, you’ll hear about a Chinese house church movement who took a calling seriously, and what obedience looked like on a personal level. What radical steps of obedience might God be calling you to take?