Making Disciples In Every Vocation

The church in Antioch nurtured disciples like Paul and Barnabas not to plant them, but to scatter them into every corner of the world. Are you ready to use your God given vocation to do that too? If so, join us on the Antioch Journey.

Our Vision

To see God glorified through a global marketplace movement of disciples who make disciples in every vocation.

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Share It

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In today’s blog, I wanted to share a post from the folks over at It’s an article about how to share your faith at work, and it references an…

Coming To A Point

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Lately I’ve been reading a book titled “That Hideous Strength” by C.S. Lewis. In it you’ll find the following conversation between a husband and a wife: “Have you ever noticed,”…

Run In Such A Way

| Day 17, Day 21, Uncategorized | No Comments
A friend of mine who works with unreached people groups in SE Asia recently posted this, and I thought it was compelling yet personally challenging.   In 1 Corinthians 9:24-25...

Seek Me And Live

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Sometimes I wonder why so many people who profess to be Christians live lives of defeat and have minimal impact on those around them.  The other day I came across...

All In

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Recently I was reading Jeremiah 29, which contains some verses familiar to many of us. Normally my attention is drawn to verse 11, which is the life verse God gave...

A Better Way

| Day 25 | No Comments
At a recent conference for medial workers, I had the opportunity to chat with some of the folks  from Crossworld, a mission agency focused on disciple-makers from all professions bringing...